5 Stunning Indoor Masonry Ideas for Croton Homes

Interior masonry includes customizing either brick or stone walls in order to achieve different atmospheres and aesthetics within separate rooms. Stone walls have a natural appearance, boast luxurious textures, and require very little maintenance. They also present a wide variety of options for all tastes and preferences as they are able to complement many decor styles.

Brick walls also go a long way in establishing a luxurious look and feel. The power of brick and stone to change the aesthetic of your home from modern to country ranch, or from traditional to contemporary, is extraordinary. Here are a few ways to rejuvenate various rooms in your Croton, NY, home by targeting the walls that define them.

Painting brick walls white

Many homeowners are afraid to touch their original brick walls, as they don’t want to destroy their inherent beauty. However, designers have begun to experiment with modernizing bricks walls by painting them white. This simple alteration can make walls appear cleaner and create an illusion of spaciousness. It is highly recommended to homeowners who want to simplify their most crowded rooms and instil a more relaxing atmosphere within them.

Lighting stone walls

Well-planned lighting can maximize the look and feel of a wall veneered with natural stone. Strategically placed lights can highlight the textures of natural stone and enhance its sense of character. Lighting can also serve to define certain stone walls as the focal points of a room. The type of fixtures selected will depend on the shapes and colors found on the wall, and your desired atmosphere for the particular room.

Creating warm stone walls

The clean, cool look of sleek natural stone is ideal for functional spaces like kitchens, but can be ill-suited to fireside living rooms and bedrooms. You can personalize interior walls, however, by using multiple types of stone in different shapes and sizes. By bringing plants, throws, and cushions into a room, you can expand its color scheme and enliven its atmosphere. Consider creating captivating stone surfaces in your bathroom or kitchen, and deviate from the standard sleek tiled design.


A brick wall in the bedroom

One of brick’s biggest attractions is the feeling of warmth and coziness that it is able to illicit. A brick wall is, therefore, always welcome in a bedroom, where it can enhance one’s level of comfort. Consider resting your headboard against a central wall covered with well-arranged bricks. The color and texture of brick can be introduced into a room by incorporating actual brick or by covering an existing wall with a brick-style veneer.

Creating points of interest

5 Stunning Indoor Masonry Ideas for Croton, NY, Homes

If a particular room is rather small, an entire wall covered in stone or brick veneer will turn out to be overwhelming. Homeowners renovating small spaces are encouraged to use veneer for small portions of certain walls instead for maximum effect. Living rooms, for example, can be equipped with a focal feature, like a fireplace or accent wall in this way. Other focal points such as televisions can be highlighted by incorporating a strip of brick or stone behind this focal feature for a powerful visual effect.