Using Stone Veneer for Interior Masonry in Briarcliff Manor

Masonry veneers are perfectly suited to home interiors, as they are not only stunning, but also offer qualities like moisture- and fire-resistance that lower insurance costs and lead to great economic benefits. The use of real natural veneer stone can also increase the value of your Briarcliff Manor, NY, home. With the vast array of natural and manufactured stone veneers available, it’s easier than ever to create breathtaking interior features that complement the rest of your home’s style and architecture. Here are just a handful of ways in which homes can be renovated using stone veneer.

Creating a focal wall

A single wall veneered with natural stone can give your entire kitchen or bathroom an effortlessly elegant look and feel that is absolutely timeless. Fire-resistant natural stone is also ideal for installation near cooking appliances or fire features. Accent walls serve as excellent backsplashes for other attractive features that you want showcased, like sculptures or potted plants. These backsplashes require little maintenance, besides superficial cleaning using water and soap. They are also able to withstand light mechanical damage, like bumps and scratches, and can therefore be installed in high-traffic areas where they will be fully showcased and appreciated. With veneer stone available in such a great variety of colors and textures, it is universally possible to find the perfect product for your particular style and color palette.


Using Stone Veneer for Interior Masonry in Briarcliff Manor, NY

Fireplaces and chimneys

A veneered fireplace or mantle never fails to stand out as the focal feature of a particular room. Stone veneers are well-suited to fire features due to their fire-resistance and insulating capabilities. In addition, the warmth of a fireplace is only ever enhanced by the rugged textures and irregular shapes of veneer stones. Due to the unique nature of real stone, each one may be different from those surrounding it, and your veneer may transition between slightly different colors and textures. Manufactured stone veneers emulate the colors and textures of real stone, but offer more uniformity among stones of the same kind. This can prove valuable when avoiding a random or ill-designed appearance for your veneered surface.


A basement remodel

Masonry veneers can help to transform your existing basement into an inviting living area that proves to be a better use of the space. While the luxurious look and feel of natural stone can warm and rejuvenate any cold, dark basement, it also bears various practical benefits. Masonry veneers lock-in both sound and temperature, which is useful for creating a private man-cave or warm, inviting bar area. Basements also tend to be damp, with poor air circulation, and can be susceptible to pests and mold. Fortunately, manufactured stone veneer and concrete masonry is unable to rot or house insects. A masonry veneer can be applied directly to most wall surfaces, freeing up the construction time that would have been spent preparing the walls. Stone veneer is also excellent for converting a basement into a stylish and practical wine cellar.