4 Tips for Landscaping with Arbors in Riverdale, NY

Arbors are trellis-like structures that form arches and are placed at the beginning of certain hardscapes or entrances. They’re similar to pergolas but they’re a lot narrower, and they tend to be used for a different effect. If you love the look of an arbor and want to incorporate it into your landscape, here are four tips for landscaping with arbors in Riverdale, NY:

4 Tips for Landscaping with Arbors in Riverdale, NY

Decide on the Perfect Location

Arbors add a classic touch of beauty to any property. If you suspect it’ll be one of the main highlights of your landscape design, you may want to be begin by deciding where it should go. Some traditional placements for arbors include at the beginning of your walkway, at the entrance to the backyard, or at the entrance of a separate gardening area. Preferably, the place you pick for your arbor will get some sun so that the plants growing on it will receive what they need to thrive.

To create the feeling of a traditional garden, you could section off an area of your yard that you will dedicate to the garden space. The perimeter of your property should be beds for plantings, bordered by a few feet of grass, and a pathway so you can walk through and enjoy your landscape. The arbor should mark the beginning of the pathway into the garden and invite your guests to walk through it.

Select a Style

Arbors usually have a basic structure: two narrow trellis-like pieces connected at the top by a third piece. They can be classic, and have a curved arch on top, or be more modern with linear components for a contemporary look. Decide which style best matches the exterior of your home. Then decide what finish you’d like. Arbors can come in the natural finish of the wood, and they can come in a simple, classic white or a woodsy green. Some modern styles are made of composite and can come in any variety of colors. Consider what style best matches your landscape design, and what plant, if any, you plan on installing onto it. One traditional arbor look is a white arbor with a rounded arch on top, with red or pink climbing roses on the sides.


Pick a Plant

Arbors are beautiful on their own, but their beauty is enhanced with branches of green foliage and colorful flowers. Many rose gardeners use them for climbing roses, as they create a gorgeous entrance with a beautiful fragrance. If you want to add an arbor to your landscaping design, pick a vining or climbing plant or flower to place next to it that you know you would like to see over the long term. As each year passes, the branches will slowly grow onto the structure, and the warm months will bring a covering of leaves and flowers. Some popular choices for perennial beauty include roses, trumpet vine, and clematis. The plant will eventually envelop the top of your arbor, creating a gorgeous floral archway!

Factor in Maintenance

How you will maintain your arbor deserves some consideration. The plants growing on it will need regular water, just as any other plant. Have your landscaper do regular pruning and remove any unwanted dead branches or limbs that aren’t bearing leaves or flowers. Occasionally, your plant might need fertilizer to keep it healthy and lush.