How Masons Can Help You Create Beautiful Natural Stone Retaining Walls in Briarcliff Manor, NY

A stone retaining wall is unique among the improvements you can make to your yard—it is one of the few things your can do to your Briarcliff Manor, NY, landscape that can primarily perform an important function but look beautiful at the same time. If a slope or hill is interrupting your vision for the perfect landscape, a mason can help you create an attractive natural stone retaining wall to remedy that problem.

Why a Retaining Wall

A retaining wall can convert previously difficult or impossible to use land into functional landscape space. You can have the garden you have always wanted, or the patio, or simply the elimination of dirt and debris that happens anytime there is a storm. With the wall containing the dirt of the hill, the entire look and practical space will be improved.


Stone Choices

How Masons Can Help You Create Beautiful Natural Stone Retaining Walls in Briarcliff Manor, NY

Natural stone can produce a retaining wall that looks as if it has been there for a while, adding character to your home. A natural stone wall can be comprised of huge boulders that look ageless. Or, you might choose a stacked stone that reminds you of old, classic walls that you may have seen on a European trip. The appeal of natural stone for your Briarcliff Manor, NY, landscape is that no two walls will be exactly the same because the wall must be assembled like a puzzle, with each stone chosen to fit perfectly into its particular spot.

Retaining Wall Types

A single wall may be all your landscape needs to bring the yard under control. Whether it’s made of river rock, huge square boulders, or random sized rocks, a single wall makes it possible to plant grass at the base and to add visual interest at the top of the wall with plants and flowers.

A tiered retaining wall can work especially well on a steep hill. The tiers allow for multiple types of plantings, from vegetables to trailing flowers to an herb garden. You may even opt for the simplicity of having grass on each tier, especially if the modern and clean look is your preference.

Another option for a hilly landscape is to design a natural stone retaining wall with steps and landings. This can tie in with a tiered retaining wall where the landings are level with each tier. The steps can be constructed of the same stone as the wall, or a different sized natural stone to change the look.


Retaining Wall Additions

A contractor can up the “Wow!” factor of the wall by incorporating under edge lighting or decorative lanterns to give your walls an illuminated glow in the evening. Or, you might love the idea of stone finials to top pillars as a finishing statement to the wall—an expert mason can ensure elegant results. Consider having the stone mason widen the steps in increments as they descend to the base, or add a band of decorative tiles that complement the exterior colors of your home to tie the wall into the rest of the outside elements.

No matter what the design of your natural stone retaining wall, a mason can help you choose the right materials to create a structure that adds practical space to your landscape and improves your resale value.