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Our comprehensive approach in Briarcliff Manor to landscape design and development delivers incredible landscapes for our clients. Our full service firm is comprised of professional site design, construction, and maintenance. We'd love to speak with you about your project.


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Landscape Design Briarcliff Manor NY

Residential areas, parks, playgrounds, campuses, shopping centers, commercial properties, and most other places are noticeable when they're beautifully landscaped. Manzer's designs these areas to be beautiful as well as functional, and complementary to their surrounding natural environment. We plan around location of buildings, roads, walls, and walkways, and the arrangement of flowers, shrubs, and trees.

Masonry Briarcliff Manor NY

Fun, friends, a comfy chair, and a warm, inviting fire—is there anything more universally appealing than an outdoor fireplace? A masonry fireplace offers the perfect way to add warmth and beauty to any outdoor space, with a value-added and enjoyable element to your home. However, deciding on the style and look of your fireplace may prove to be a challenge without some professional guidance. If you’ve been looking to add a hot update to your outdoor space, read on and we’ll show you a few good masonry fireplace ideas for your Briarcliff Manor, NY, home.

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Property Maintenance Briarcliff Manor NY

Once your landscape has been designed and the installation is complete, an important aspect of any landscape is maintaining the intended, proper look. Maintenance could be as simple as lawn cutting and fertilization, and more involved such as pruning, trimming, and mulching.

Lawn Care Briarcliff Manor NY

Your lawn is subjected to snow, ice and devastating winds during the Briarcliff, NY, winter. Therefore, it requires a bit of special treatment before it can be rejuvenated in spring. While freeze-thaw cycles can lead to brittle roots that ultimately die, a build-up of ice is often fatal to the cells within plants.

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