3 Ways Professional Irrigation Systems Can Add Value to Your Croton, NY, Commercial Property

To enhance the value and appearance of a commercial property while reducing maintenance costs, consider installing a professional irrigation system. Here are 3 ways professional irrigation systems can add value to your Croton, NY, commercial property.

1. Wise water use

Each property is different, with different watering needs. Sun exposure, slope and drainage, the size of the landscape, and of course the types of plants within the landscape, all influence the property’s watering needs. 

A one-size-fits-all “turn on the sprinkler twice a week” approach will not yield the best results.

Simply turning on a sprinkler system often ends up overwatering some areas, underwatering others, and wasting water by irrigating hardscapes. Not only is hardscape watering annoying to passers by who need to sprint down the walkway to avoid getting soaked, but it’s a huge waste of water - which means a big water bill for the property owner. Proper irrigation prevents some areas of the landscape from being swamps while others shrivel in the hot sun.

Properly installed professional irrigation systems deliver the right amount of water to the right places and at the correct time for optimal water use. It is essential for plant health. Irrigation systems can be adjusted to deliver more water to thirstier parts of the landscape, such as sun-baked lawns or flowerbeds, and less to well-established mature trees. Irrigation systems are set on a timer to ensure optimal watering times (early in the morning). Weather sensors prevent overwatering, which can lead to rot and mold growth. In times of extreme heat or severe drought, they automatically increase the frequency and duration of watering.

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2. Less landscape maintenance and big cost savings

Thirsty or overwatered plants are vulnerable to weeds, insects, disease, drought, and severe weather fluctuations. Essentially, this means a lot more work for a landscaping maintenance crew. Setting a timer on an irrigation system ensures deep watering to saturate the soil with 1-1.5” of water per week. This amount of water encourages a deep and healthy root system on lawns, flower beds, as well as trees and shrubs. Encouraging healthy root growth means a hardier and less maintenance-intensive landscape.  

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Water isn’t free… and neither is landscape maintenance. A properly designed, installed, programmed, and maintained professional irrigation system will reduce water bills and reduce the amount of damage control that would be required if landscape plants are stressed from improper watering. Landscape maintenance costs would still involve routine landscape care, but you can expect to save money by minimizing the necessary application of dangerous herbicides and pesticides, overseeding bare patches of grass, and other problem mitigation issues.

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3. Curb appeal and property value

Whether your commercial property has tenants or it is your own place of business, the building’s appearance isn’t merely about how attractive the lobby is and whether there are a few cheerful flower pots at the entry. Visitors, tenants, employees, and vendors - not to mention the community at large - see the whole picture. An unkempt, half-dead landscape says a lot about the property owner. 

A healthy landscape automatically improves people’s perception of the property. It will attract higher quality tenants to an apartment or office building, and it gives a great first impression of your business.

 Contact the irrigation professionals at Manzers Landscaping today to design and install a custom irrigation system tailored specifically to your needs. You can enjoy a vibrantly beautiful landscape that adds value to your commercial property.