Professional Snow Service vs. DIY Snow Plowing

There are a lot of advantages to doing things yourself, from saving money to the simple enjoyment of the process. However, professional snow service is something that’s best left to the guys with the heavy equipment and experience to back it up. Here’s why you should consider getting a professional snow service for your Westchester County home instead of trying to tackle your snow clearing needs yourself.

Running a snow plow isn’t cheap

The purchase of a snow plow might seem like an investment for your home, but in the long run, this is not something that pays for itself. The initial cost, yearly services, incidental repairs and the cost of gas all add up to be far more than simply subscribing to a professional snow service. The pros run industrial grade plows and are able to recoup the running costs by servicing a large number of homes in an area. Unless you live in an inaccessible mountain hotel, a private residential snow plow is simply more cost than it’s worth.

Professional Snow Service vs. DIY Snow Plowing in Westchester County

Clearing snow by hand is strenuous and time consuming

If not a snow plow, then what? The other DIY option is to shovel your snow by hand, but anyone who has grown up in Westchester County or a surrounding area knows how much work and time this requires. A pro service lets you get on with the things in your life that are more important than mother nature’s seasonal eventualities, like enjoying a pot of hot chocolate with your family beside a log fire on your winter patio.

What are you going to do with all that snow?

Let’s assume you do shovel your own driveway, sidewalk and walkways. That’s a lot of snow to just let lie around, turning into thick slabs of ice, compressing the flowerbeds, or adding weight to retaining walls. This risks damage to your landscape and landscape features. Furthermore, the compacted chunks take ages to melt, so you’ll be sitting with the eyesore of dirty snow piled up next to your driveway. With our professional snow service, you can rest assured that the snow is carted from your property and disposed of at approved snow dumping sites.

DIY doesn’t come with extras

Apart from the plowing and hauling, there are a number of other treatments that professional snow service offers. From gritting sidewalks and driveway for additional grip in icy weather, to salting and calcium chloride treatment for ice management, Manzer’s professional snow service has you covered. These extras are essential for winter safety, keeping you, your family and pedestrians safe while navigating potentially hazardous sidewalks, walkways and driveways. Without the man-power, these added extras can double the already considerable amount of time you’d spend doing all of this on your own.

Insurance and liability

When dealing with icy surfaces, accidents do happen. DIY means personal and property damage rests on your shoulders. Don’t take the chance. With licensed and fully insured professionals, the possibility of oversight is greatly reduced, and in the unlikely event of damage occurring, rest assured this remains the liability of the company.