6 Advantages of Natural Stone for Your Peekskill, NY, Patio

A new outdoor living space is a big investment, and you want to achieve the perfect mix of beauty, function, durability, and value to do it right. You may think that no material does that better than natural stone. Here are six advantages of using natural stone for your Peekskill, NY, patio.

Warmth and Character 

If images of cold stone surfaces make you shiver, think again. A stone patio can be just as warm and cozy as a wood deck and much more so than a poured concrete patio! Stone absorbs heat from the sun—all materials do—but if you choose lighter-colored stones, hot feet won’t be a problem. And in winter, any stone that has exposure to the sun will warm up quickly and actually retain heat far longer than wood. Cold-season warmth doesn’t have to rely on the sun. An outdoor fireplace or fire pit will radiate heat and warm up the surrounding patio and seating area. Visually, too, stone can feel inviting and cozy, especially warm-toned stones like flagstone.

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Easy Maintenance

Natural stone is far easier to maintain than virtually any other patio material. There’s not much to do to take care of a stone patio: sweep off any debris, wipe away any spills, occasionally power-wash it, and replace jointing compound as needed to prevent weed growth. You can prevent stains by not allowing fallen leaves or food spills to linger on the surface—a quick scrub with mild dish soap will do the trick.


Natural stone lasts practically “forever”: just look at the pyramids in Egypt, Stonehenge, ancient Roman roads … natural stone has been used for centuries for roads, plazas, and patios and it only grows more beautiful with time. Considering everyday durability, natural stone is hard to break. On a patio, the only reason a stone would ever break is improper installation. Natural stone withstands weather very well, especially if it is sealed (all stone is porous to some degree, so sealing highly porous stones will prevent any potential damage from the freeze-thaw cycle). Natural stone also fades very little, even in direct sun. All materials will fade to some extent, but stone least of all.

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Design Options

Stones come in a huge variety of sizes, colors, shapes and textures, for endless design options—especially if you add borders, inlays, and accents. And since each stone is unique, your patio will be one-of-a-kind! While stone requires expert installation, it’s a cost that will be recouped many times over in a beautiful patio that might even outlast your house! Natural stone can come uncut for a rustic look, or precision-cut for a clean modern look.

Added Value

You get a big return on your investment when you choose natural stone for your outdoor living spaces. Natural stone looks as good decades after installation as on day one, and only adds character over time. 

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Environmentally Friendly

Stone contains no synthetic ingredients, making them an environmentally friendly option. After all, you are bringing something natural into your landscape.

For design ideas or to get started on your natural stone patio project, give us a call!