5 Top Landscaping Projects for the New Year

Whether you’re planning on spending more time outdoors in the New Year or are looking to make improvements to your Yorktown backyard, these projects are the perfect new additions to any home. Improve your backyard aesthetic, create leisure space and liven up your outdoor areas with these must haves.

Summer fun pool patio

Now is a great time to start planning for summer and creating a space to enjoy the long awaited sunshine. A poolside patio is perfect for relaxing in the sun, hosting guests and supervising the kids while they swim. A pergola is a useful accessory for a poolside patio, providing some shade while remaining light and open. Kit out your poolside patio with a couple loungers and you have a winning combination, or take it a step further with a pool hut, poolside bar or outdoor fireplace.


Retaining wall plant beds

Introducing greenery to your patios can liven up an area, increase privacy and provide shade. This can be done by introducing a large retaining wall plant bed into an existing patio area to house flowers or small trees and contribute to a patio's aesthetic. Retaining wall plant beds can also be used as an appealing surround to a patio or any outdoor space, as well as to separate outdoor areas and add dimensionality to a flat landscape. Raised plant beds are also an excellent opportunity for showcasing quality natural stone work and stylish concrete products.

A lawn alternative

If simplifying your life is one of your New Year’s resolutions, a lawn alternative is an excellent place to start. A green lawn has become a staple of suburban homes, but many homeowners wonder if they’re actually worth the effort. Low maintenance options can allow for a more manicured look, improve drainage and save water. Synthetic turf, wood chips, gravel, paved areas and low lying plants can be used to substitute grass as a ground cover. Alternatively, lawn substitutes can be used to supplement your lawn, cutting down on lawn space where it isn’t needed or where grass has trouble growing.

5 Top Yorktown Landscaping Projects for the New Year

New plantings

With spring around the corner, it’s almost time for some new plantings. Why not brighten up the year with some flowering perennials, add form to your landscape with boxwood, or add height by planting large trees? New plantings are a sure way to transform the existing character of a landscape, introducing new color, texture and shape. As an added bonus, new plantings may attract a whole new cast of colorful birds to your yard that would otherwise not have bothered to stop by.


Backyard fire pit

Get ready for summer nights around a fire by having your own backyard fire pit installed. A fire pit brings the ambiance of a campfire to your backyard spaces and can be installed in existing patio areas. A fire pit allows for a number of guests to gather around, or can be fitted with a permanent seating arrangement for convenience. As a focal point or central feature, a fire pit provides a dynamic centerpiece and conversation starter for backyard entertaining.